I'm a DIY loving stay at home Mum living in Saskatchewan Canada.
I love to cook and bake, decorate my home, repurpose old treasures, and create beautiful birthdays for my 3 beautiful girls!

Party time!

Something I've been wanting to do since our oldest, Sisika started school was to throw a Halloween party for her and her friends. This year, she's in grade 1 and I finally decided we were doing it! My Mum and I put our heads together and got to planning. Luckily, she made a trip to the States the weekend of the party and found a few really awesome additions to our trick or treat table!

These were the invitations, purchased from Etsy! Sisika picked them herself and loved that the little witch looked like her! I loved the chevron.. ;)

Sisika wrote in each thank you card herself!

My spooky little pirate princesses were all ready for the big party!

I feel like dressing them as pirates every day!

My Mum made sure I had a tattoo like my girls!

We decorated the house with bats, mice and other decorations..

My Mum and I worked hard on our trick or treat table and were thrilled with the results!

Popcorn and cupcakes ready to be decorated!

Chocolates, candy corn punch, "poisoned" caramel apples, spooky sugar cookies!
The punch was 2 toned but when it came time to stir it, it turned orange!
Assorted candies and goody bags in the cauldron!

Finally, our guests started to arrive!

It was my Mum and I running the show. Once everyone got here, we split them into 2 groups. Group 1 stayed with my Mum for games (witch hat ring toss and mummy bowling) and I took group 2 to the kitchen to decorate cupcakes. Everyone got a plain cupcake and was able to decorate however they wanted with the assortment of icing and sprinkles on the table. After they finished their decorating, I took their picture with their cupcake. (I printed out all the pics before the end of the party and sent their pic home with the goody bags and thank you cards!).
My girls and their cuppies!
My Mum setting up mummy bowling!

When group 1 was done with their cupcakes, we switched the groups around. After everyone was done their cupcakes and everyone had a few turns at bowling and ring toss.. We played Witchy Says (Simon Says). The kids had SO much fun playing that and it was so funny to watch. My youngest was very interested in what was going on!

 After that, everyone lined up to get their plate of snacks and a popcorn..Then everyone piled into the livingroom to watch The Great Pumpkin! My middle girl was so tired and got so comfy for the movie.

 After our movie, my husband was home from work and was here to help my Mum and I. We played Freeze Dance until the parents got here which was a blast! 

Happy Halloween from my sweeties and our family!!!!!!

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