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Easy Diy Chalkboard

When we bought our house, one of the first things I wanted to do was to make a large chalkboard for the weekly menu on one of the kitchen walls. We've owned this house for 2 1/2 years, and we recently got around to doing it!

It ended up being just about free. Can't go wrong there!

You need:
  • Picture frame in the size you want your chalkboard to be (I had a huge framed print that fell off the wall when we first lived here. The glass broke but I kept it anyways. I stripped everything away and used the frame for this project!) So since I had a frame already, 0$
  • Spray paint, Optional. If you want the frame you choose to be a different color. I wanted it to be white. The paint was like 3$
  • Chalkboard paint. My Mum lent me her can.. 0$! 
  • Mini foam roller (We have a stockpile!) 0$
  • Chalk (We have 3 kids..therefore we have an abundance of chalk) 0$
  • Nails to hang your frame
So first, I took the frame outside and sprayed it white. 2 coats, it could use one more though..someday.

Before paint.

1st coat!

I decided where exactly I wanted the chalkboard and hung the frame up in the right spot. Using a pencil, I traced the inside of the frame (about 1/2" past the inside edge).

 We were also painting the walls in the kitchen that weekend, so I painted my wall color around my traced square. Of course if you're not painting the wall, you'd skip this step.

Using a mini foam roller, roll on your chalkboard paint! I did 4 coats, waiting at least an hour between coats. The first and second looked bad..Really streaky. Also a weird blue color when wet.

Wall color and chalkboard paint all done!

Definitely let the chalkboard paint cure for the 3 days or whatever it says on the can! It's worth it. You don't want to ruin your hard work! Once the chalkboard part was done, I hung my frame over it!

I've used it for the weekly menu, a birthday party and a "Welcome Home Daddy" sign.. A leprechaun has used it and so has the Easter bunny! I definitely looooove my chalkboard!!

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