I'm a DIY loving stay at home Mum living in Saskatchewan Canada.
I love to cook and bake, decorate my home, repurpose old treasures, and create beautiful birthdays for my 3 beautiful girls!

My Nightstand Solution!

All it needs is a little stack of books in there and I think I'll be happy!
For my master bedroom, I have really, really, REALLY been wanting a mirrored nightstand. Something shiny and reflective to keep the lightness in the room. Winners had one but the bad thing about Winners is that they don't often have the good stuff for long. What's there one day may forever disappear by the next. So of course when I went to buy my nightstand.. It was gone. They had a small mirrored dresser for $399 (which is a fantastic price for mirrored furniture!!) but sadly, it wasn't what I needed.