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Easy, Cheap and Math-Free Chevron Wall!

I was a little nervous to do this and it was a pretty spontaneous decision. After googling all kinds of instructions and blogs, I felt like maybe it wasn't something I wanted to attempt. I would need a ruler, a 6 foot level, math... Then there was the pencil lines (I hate erasing pencil lines!)..the tape etc etc. I had almost let go of the idea..but then I came across one more blog outlining a way to do this project without any of those supplies and without having to do math... It seemed too good to be true, but I jumped in head first and gave it a try. It ended up taking under 5 hours TOTAL from start to finish, and being darn close to free.

Supplies needed:

  • A cardboard square in the size of your choice. The bigger the square, the bigger the stripes. I used a 10"x10" square that I cut out of a box from one of my kids board games... (shhhh!) This was free of course.
  • A piece of chalk. 1 piece should do it. I have an overabundance of chalk. So also free.
  • Painters tape. I used an off brand, cheap kind. I used almost a whole roll. I had half a roll handy, but had to buy more. A new roll was only 3$ and I had lots left.
  • A small quart of paint. I spent 20$ on that and barely put a dent in the can.
  • Small roller. I have a TON of these already, so free.
I started in the top left corner. I put my cardboard square on the wall and drew around it with chalk. I moved the square over and drew around it again, then continued this process until the whole wall was a grid of chalk squares.

 Then we tape..... I started in the top left corner of my first square and put a piece of tape diagnally from that corner to the bottom right corner. I moved to the next square and put a piece from the bottom left corner (where the first piece of tape ended) to the top right corner. Now you have a V. Repeat that process all the way across, then move down to the next row of squares and repeat again. I drew it on paint to give a better idea.

The loose pieces of tape indicate where NOT to paint. You want to pick which stripes you're going to fill in so you can trim the tape ends, then put small pieces of tape in the NO PAINT stripes so you don't mess it up!

That's it! Just play connect the dots with tape until your wall is all taped. This really didn't even take long!

Once the wall is taped, you can do the easy part and paint away. I did 2 coats. The colour already on my wall was Behr Dolphin Fin which is a gorgeous, warm grey. One of my favourite colours for sure! I did the chevron in one shade down. Behr Granite Boulder mixed at 75% strength.

I removed the tape immediately after finishing my second coat. And that's it!

I couldn't be happier with the end result and I'll definitely do this again when we buy a new house. :) I think my little wall in the kitchen is finally complete aside from a few small details (more frames and pictures in the frames). The lamps were a DIY project (here), the hutch was a DIY project (here), and the mirror..I was lucky enough to score that on VarageSale for 15$!

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