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My Nightstand Solution!

All it needs is a little stack of books in there and I think I'll be happy!
For my master bedroom, I have really, really, REALLY been wanting a mirrored nightstand. Something shiny and reflective to keep the lightness in the room. Winners had one but the bad thing about Winners is that they don't often have the good stuff for long. What's there one day may forever disappear by the next. So of course when I went to buy my nightstand.. It was gone. They had a small mirrored dresser for $399 (which is a fantastic price for mirrored furniture!!) but sadly, it wasn't what I needed.

I went home and went back to the drawing board. We were using the nightstand that came as a set with our dressers that we refinished and I just wanted it out of the room. Look at this thing.. It takes the room down a notch I think.

Yuck.. So as I was folding laundry and staring at it.. I thought.. Well I COULD just paint this one.. I didn't want it  to match the other dressers though.. I was dead set on something shiny. Then it hit me. DUH! Silver spray paint. Even though the stand is so boxy and awful.. I could do it in silver as a temporary improvement.

So I told Greg my plan. He seemed skeptical so of course I had a blog pulled up already to give him an idea. The nightstand on that blog though was feminine.. It had beautiful wavy lines.. A scalloped edge.. A cute little shelf.. So I showed it to him and sighed.. I told him I wish we had a prettier nightstand to paint silver, but the ugly one would have to do. Then Greg piped up.. He told me that we still had the cute little nightstand that came with our 2 oldest girl's dresser set (that we also bought used and refinished) in the garage. We never used it because there's no space for it in their bedroom, so out to the garage it went where forgotten stuff goes to die, or in this case.. Get remembered and saved!!

So he brought it in the house and my eyes lit up. We took the drawer pull off and filled in the holes.

So first I went over it with a coat of a good spray primer. Just to be safe. Then I used a whole can (4 heavy coats!) of Rustoleum metallic spray paint with the chrome cap.

I read a few reviews saying that even though the paint advertises "Fast Drying", that the silver rubs off when dry. So to be safe, I hit it with a coat of this spray sealer. Minwax Poly in Clear Gloss (not semi-gloss like the picture)

That brought me to this:
It was in need of a handle. Something about the same size since the shiny paint kind of emphasized where the old holes were.  So I picked one up and I am super happy with how the nightstand turned out!!

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