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Spring Is In The Air

I don't know what the weather is like where you are.. But here, it's almost safe to say that Spring is here. I came across an adorable wreath on Pinterest several weeks ago that I was anxious to make. My Mum picked up all the supplies the other day and I put together attempt #1! I'd like to do a couple more, trying different colors of flowers and ribbons. Someone even suggested tucking a little birds nest in the bottom with some eggs inside!
I thought the red gingham ribbon would be cute, as it reminds me of a picnic blanket! I didn't want it too "Eastery", just something nice for spring.

*You can also make your wreath form out of a pool noodle, attaching the ends together with duct tape.
Start by attaching the first strand of boa (or fun fur) to your wreath form. I secured it with a pin, and a dab of hot glue for good measure.

Start wrapping your boa around the form, keeping it pulled fairly taut.

I made the mistake of wrapping it too tightly with little to no spacing between each wrap around. This left me with a space at the end. Just know that the strands don't have to be super close together, it will still look nice and full either way. If you want to wrap them tightly, I'd grab an extra 6 feet or so of boa, or just cover the gap with your ribbon, like I did.
After the first strand, attach the second as you did the first and continue wrapping until you get to the end. Secure the final strand with another pin (and some glue, if you're like me!).

See my little gap? Whoops!

I used crafting flowers, so they had they little hollow "stems". I poked the stems into the wreath form where I wanted the flowers (1 at a time), and applied a little hot glue to the end.

Press the flower into the hole you've made (making a hole in advance isn't necessary, I did this to ensure the flower ended up where I wanted it), and hold it there for a few seconds.

Do this until you're happy with the number and placement of flowers.

Cut a piece of ribbon to the length you want for hanging and attach it to your wreath using a little glue (which is what I did, I glued it over the gap where I ran out of boa) or simply loop it under and let it hang. This would allow you to change the ribbon out if you wanted! I tied a simple bow with the same ribbon and attached it to the ribbon on the wreath using another pin and, you guessed it, more hot glue! Hang and enjoy!

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  1. I love this :) It's super adorable! I'm heading to the store today to start my easter wreath and get some fabric for a table runner.... Thanks for inspiring!!